Cabai Burung


The Cabai Burung Putih (aka Cili Padi Putih) remains a creamy white colour for much of its development before ripening to orange and then red. Its name translates to 'white bird chilli' in Indonesian. It has a pungent flavour and is delicious at any colour stage. A very popular chilli across Southeast Asia, it is often used to make sambal sauces. The plant is cold tolerant and high yielding and looks beautiful covered in creamy white, orange, and red chillies.

Region: Indonesia / Malaysia

Heat Level: 8

Fruit Matures: cream to orange to red

Fruit Size: 4 - 6 cm long

Plant Size: 60 - 90 cm tall

Seeds: 15 - 20

Price: $3.90

Cabai Burung