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We work to supply pure seed to our customers, but mistakes can be made in the production, processing, or packaging of seed. We also work to provide viable seed with good germination rates. However, the performance of seed as a living product can be affected by a number of factors, many outside of our control *(see below). If any mistake or problem arises, we will work with the customer towards a resolution, but we will not be held liable for any claims against us or for any resulting loss of income in regards to the purity or performance of the seeds we sell. Our liability will not extend beyond replacing or refunding seeds to the sale value.

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Factors outside our control that may affect the viability of seed:

Planting seeds too deeply. The germinating plants will die before they reach the surface (plant no deeper than 5mm)

Growing medium is too wet. The seeds may rot before they germinate (keep medium moist but not wet)

Planting seeds straight into the garden, or in cold conditions. Seeds need warmth to germinate. It is important to supply enough heat for germination to take place (the use of a heated propagation mat or cord is recommended for maximum germination rates if planting in cooler conditions)

Leaving planted seeds in full sun (germinate seeds in a warm location out of direct sunlight)

Seeds being transported in a hot postal van, or left for an extended period in a hot letter box, or left out in direct sunlight (seeds can die when exposed to heat for extended periods)

Not storing the seeds correctly. If seeds are not to be planted straight away, store them in a cool, dark and dry place. Do not expose them to moisture. If kept in the fridge, ensure that they are in an airtight container.