Dragon's Breath


The Dragon’s Breath chilli was originally developed in the process of breeding a high capsaicin chilli for an essential oil that could be used as a skin anaesthetic. The resulting chilli was then cultivated by a farmer in Wales, hence its name referring to the Welsh national symbol of the dragon.

It is reported to have tested at 2.48 million SHU, which would make it hotter than the current world record holder for hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper.

It has the gnarly skin of some of the hottest chillies as well as a pungent floral-like aroma and lots of fruity flavour.

This variety is currently very rare.

Extremely hot. Handle with care.

Region: UK

Heat Level: 10+

Fruit Matures: green to red

Fruit Size: 6 cm

Plant Size: 90 cm tall

Seeds: 10

Price: $8.00