Pimientos de Padron


The Pimientos de Padron is an heirloom chilli that was brought to Spain in the 16th century by monks returning from the Spanish colonies in South America. These chillies are traditionally picked when green and fried in olive oil and salt to make a very popular and delicious Spanish tapas. The Pimientos de Padron is also referred to as the roulette chilli because, although generally mild in the green stage of development, some chillies will develop more heat as they mature. The fun is not knowing which ones will be hotter.

*Please note that while these chillies are generally quite mild in the green stage, they do develop a significant amount of heat if left to mature to red.

Region: Spain

Heat Level: 1 to 4

Matures: green to red

Fruit Size: 6 - 8 cm long

Plant Size: 45 - 60 cm tall

Seeds: 10 - 15

Price: $3.90